3 Years Later…

The last 3 years have been a journey.

In March 2014 I received my certificate in ‘Fashion, Glamour & Bridal Makeup Artistry’ at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy. In the same month I also began my first full time job in administration, which I knew would get me through the seasonal struggles I had been warned about in the freelance makeup industry.

Starting full time work meant I was also leaping out of 3 years of retail, previously working at Chemist Warehouse which I think helped fuel my makeup obsession. Although only stocking few brands and at a heavily discounted price I became obsessed every time new products came in store.  I never dreamt of working as a Retail Makeup Artist behind a counter in Myer, I always had the desire to run my own business. Nothing appealed to me more than the idea of being my own boss and the flexibility of working my own hours but I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

I started playing with new products and looks on any face I could find.  I was working for peanuts and travelling far distances to build relationships with clients all over Melbourne.  I shared all my work on social media and slowly by surely my clientele grew.

I often get asked about my course and to be honest after all this time I can honestly say my skills have come from practice and experience.  Education is always a good starting point, however I learnt so much more working for myself. Now I understand why so many popular makeup artists are ‘self-taught’, which was a concept I couldn’t quite grasp in the past.

I haven’t always had a passion for makeup. I wasn’t digging into my mum or even sister’s makeup bag growing up. I come from a very sporty background my whole life and although I had a sister, we shared the company of 4 other brothers! When I run into students from school some are surprised at the creative direction I have taken, especially after deferring my double bachelor degree of exercise science & human movement and psychological studies…tongue twister I know.  This was still the best thing I ever did, not wasting my time doing something I didn’t want to do. I am very lucky to have figured this out after only 6 months at uni, although finishing year 12 I was convinced sports science was my future, little did I know the turn I would take.  Oh how times changed! I even used to pride my glowing pale white skin, which you would struggle to see now under my double coat of ultra-dark Bondi sans!

In April 2015 I decided to become a Certified Spray Tan Technician, completing a night course at Helene Abicair.  This went hand in hand for my special occasion makeup bookings and my clients were now bronzed by me!

Over time my clientele has changed, starting off with much younger clients for formals and debs, through my own 21st season and now a lot more variety with weddings as well.  I have also done some voluntary work in photoshoots and backstage at a runway show for a modelling academy.  As of late I have been working for a fashion label on regular catalogue shoots and a campaign shoot.  I love working with different photographers, stylists and models in the fashion industry. It gives me a change from special occasion clients and keeps me on my toes getting out of my comfort zone.

I received a very interesting email one day from a manager at McDonalds.  Yes, the golden arches.  Before the launch of the ‘Create your taste’ menu when they went all fancy, they enquired about a workshop for me to help teach their staff how to do their hair and makeup.  It started off with 1 store where I demonstrated basic makeup and also how to intensify it to suit a range of face shapes. I also demonstrated how to use a hair donut although I am not (yet) qualified in any sort of hair styling, they were going for an ‘air-hostess’ professional look.
5 stores later I had met a whole new group of clientele and given out many prizes and vouchers for them to use my own makeup services for a special occasion. It was such a great experience and I had a blast educating the McDonald’s staff and have since been back to receive table service by my lovely models!

In October 2016 I completed a course at the Holmesglen tafe institute, becoming certified in Eyebrow Threading & Shaping.  Brow shaping has always been a passion of mine, I know personally it’s the first thing I look at when meeting someone!  I knew this would be a difficult service to add to my list as I know how fussy I am with my brows and trusting someone with my whole face. It was also the first service I have provided which most clients will need regularly for maintenance rather than just for special occasions.  My eyebrow threading and shaping consultations also educate clients as to how they should or would like to shape their own brows when doing their makeup.

Coming soon I will be looking to offer 1 on 1 makeup lessons for people wanting to learn how to apply makeup on themselves either every day or for an occasion.  I would ask clients to bring their own products with them so I can show them how to properly make use of what they already have. I also want to educate clients on my personal recommendations not only for high end products but ‘drug store’ affordable makeup worth purchasing that won’t break the bank. This will include a face chart to take with you with tips and tricks for your reference when painting your face before your next night out.

Now that I have popped my first blog cherry, it will be the first of many to come, as a new year means another new journey!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me the last 3 years, I appreciate every single one of you. A simple compliment, Instagram like, shout out and of course booking has kept me motivated to continue striving in business!

Emdee xxx

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