The importance of food – Part 2 (F45 Challenge)

It has been 10 weeks since my last blog, part 1 of the importance of food series.  My body and mind has been through a roller-coaster over these weeks while continuing to learn about my body and what works for me.

*Read part 1 before continuing*

Image result for f45Anyone who follows my social media will be aware of my new addiction – F45.  I have never in my life been a part of such an active, friendly and motivating community at the Essendon studio.  If you are someone who struggles to find motivation to exercise or typically doesn’t even enjoy going to the gym then F45 has you covered.  Every single day is different, from cardio to resistance based classes and different amount of stations, reps and timing every day! Providing us with buzzing vibes for each circuit class to make you really push yourself to your limits and get the most out of your 45 minutes. F45 Essendon has a range of members at different fitness levels and ages all with the similar passion for fun and exciting fitness classes! Although the circuits are challenging, you can easily take it at your own pace while you build up your fitness level. The trainers provide plenty of modifications for any injuries and there are plenty of weights to choose from, so if you think your too unfit – don’t fret!


The 8 week challenge provided by F45 includes meal plans and recipes as well as nutritional tips and supplements to implement daily to help achieve your fitness goals.  After the challenge there are 4 weeks of maintenance meal plans until the next challenge starts again, which helps you to increase your calories gradually while maintaining your challenge results. The challenge portal runs all year long repeating the challenge and maintenance cycle. They have an app to help you track your results and progress as well as easy access to your meal plans and recipes.  F45 studios also offer body scans before and after the challenge to track your results.  These results don’t just include weight, but cm of each body part, body fat percentage, muscle and fat mass in both kg and percentage and much more.


The challenge consists of 3 phases: Spring Training (Week 1 -2), Regular Season (Week 3 -6) & World Series (week 7-8).  In summary, the first 2 weeks is all about detox and getting your body prepared for the challenge by cleansing the body of toxins. Phase 2 includes high protein consumption to help muscle development (also introduces carbs in this phase yay).  Finally the last phase is about fat stripping, via the high fat and low carb meal plans (basically keto).


Over the period of 8 weeks I PUT ON (gasp) 2kg of muscle, and lost 1.6% body fat. As my muscle mass increased so does my BMR (basal metabolic rate) which is the amount of calories my body burns if I was to lie in bed for 24hours (yay more food).


Personally I will advise you all that it is called a challenge for a reason.  It was in no way easy and I will admit my commitment to the challenge was not 100%. I had a few obvious and some unexplained binges that I soon narrowed down to my metabolism and hormone imbalance as a result of my ‘transformation’ spoken about in my last blog. This did interfere with my dedication during the challenge and coming VERY soon I will be writing more about hormone imbalance and the reasons behind it in my next blog.

I am still continuing to focus on sustainability and learning more about my own body each day so I can look after it as best I can. I am totally inspired by the other members who achieved such amazing transformations as my results do not depict the full potential of the challenge. See the F45 Essendon Instagram (link below) for the amazing Essendon family transformations! There are studio & national prizes to be won for those with top results.



Over the period of 8 weeks I have learnt so much more about portion sizes and using different herbs along with endless recipe ideas. I still absolutely love cooking and sometimes its like therapy it relaxes me so much! I have also developed relationships with members at the studio as we all encouraged each other to stay motivated during the challenge. We all understood each others struggles and exchanged extra tips associated with meals and training! The support from the trainers at F45 was above and beyond especially during each training session helping us all with our technique and encouraging us to always work at our highest intensity possible.

If you are not a member of an F45 studio and wish to take part in the challenge you can pay for a membership for the duration of the challenge without being locked into a contract. For any current members, it is free! So jump on board the next challenge to test yourself to your limits.

See details below to contact my studio in Essendon for more information. If you have any further questions for me don’t hesitate to contact me via any of my social media accounts also below.


Thank you all for reading, my next blog will be more about my past,  sharing with you my link between health, body image and social media. Today also marks 50 days until my next overseas adventure, which I cannot wait to share with you all… until next time!

Emdee xxx

Instagram: @emdeemakeup

F45 Essendon:
Ania – 0418 227 888
Instagram: @f45training_essendon
Address: 1107B Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon, 3040.

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  1. Emily we love having you in the studio and you should be so proud of all you’ve achieved!! Hope you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside 💪🏼😘🌟

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