L’Oreal infallible range reviews

Reviews for the L’Oreal Infallible Primer, Foundations & Setting Spray!

Primer: Priming Base – Rating 4/5

The Loreal infallible mattifying primer is clear in colour and smoothes out pores to reduce shine and create a matte finish.  It reminds me of the Smashbox photofinisher primer however thinner in texture making it actually easier to apply.  Helps create a velvet soft base on your skin before foundation without making your skin too dry which I’ve found some mattifying bases can cause.


Foundation: Total Cover – Rating: 3.5/5

The Loreal infallible total cover is a full coverage smooth matte finish foundation.  It comes out quite thick but is easily blended, the texture reminds me a lot of the benefit cosmetics porefessional primer. It can appear almost chunky but very easily smoothed. After a few hours of wear I noticed it started to go a bit shiney, which honestly I didn’t mind too much. It gave me a dewy glow, however it still didn’t wipe off. Easily mattified with a blotting powder if the shine either bothers you or you already have oily skin. I wouldn’t wear this everyday but suits me for a weekend or night out. I purchased the colour 24 – Golden Beige which was a bit too pink for me especially as I needed to be fake tanned to even match this colour (albino life).  The negative of this range at the moment is the limited colour range.


*After 14 hours of wear*

Foundation: 24HR Matte – Rating: 4/5

The Loreal infallible 24hour cover foundation is much more of a thinner formula compared to the total cover. I found it easily buildable without looking too cakey.  You don’t need to use a lot as a little does go a long way.  It is great for an everyday foundation if you still like a full coverage without feeling too heavy. I got the colour ‘Radiant Beige #22’ which was a good everyday colour for me (still too dark if I’m being completely honest with my still albino self) but was perfect for a light fake tan.
It reminds me also a bit of the Garnier oil free BB cream if you have tried that, however longer lasting.


Setting Spray: Fixing Mist – Rating: 1/5

The Loreal infallible setting spray has very obvious separation when you first look at it. Shaking the bottle before use as directed is very necessary.  You can hear the ball rattling to mix the formula as you shake it.  I learnt the hard way when I didn’t shake it and noticed dry white dots all over my face, which was the white product seen gathered at the bottom of the bottle.  It differs from other sprays I have used which are usually clear in colour and this one appears quite cloudy.  A negative is the smell is quite unpleasant when spraying, resembling clag glue taking me back to primary school days.  My favourite setting sprays are the Urban Decay de-slick oil control and the Makeup Forever Mist & Fix.


Summary –

Overall I love most of this range so far, they keep releasing more versions and other products which I am yet to experiment with! I still would like to try the concealer or compact foundation in the Loreal Infallible range.

People underestimate ‘drug store/chemist’ brands in Australia, as we are so obsessed with Mecca & Sephora (and for good reason)! The competition is fierce for every cosmetic brand trying to out-do each other and not only trying to keep up with the trends but create their own! The Loreal range is affordable, especially when on sale at Chemist Warehouse (selected/bigger stores) or Priceline coming down to around $20 for foundation from RRP $29. I like the plastic tube packaging found in the primer and foundations which is great for travel especially compared to other heavy and breakable glass bottles (sorry mac). I must say I still love my Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid and it continues to be my Holy Grail foundation. I think this Loreal range will come with me on my travels to Europe. 3 weeks to go!!

Thanks for following and reading my first product review! If anyone has any products they would like reviewed or any questions about these products feel free to contact me below. Until next time…
Emdee xxx

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