And it begins!

I am currently refraining from using excessive capitals in an attempt to hide my excitement. MAYBE I’LL JUST GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM NOW? That felt great, no promises they may return later.

My daydreamer moment. I haven’t even thought about the flight, the stopover or the jetlag. The one thing I have fantasized about for months is my first step out of Copenhagen airport. I envisage myself taking that first deep breathe, however cannot picture what my eyes will see. Let’s be honest, it will probably be a taxi rank… But I will leave that open to my imagination, which is soon to become a reality!

Tomorrow I will begin another adventure, leaving for my 6 week travels through Scandinavia & Europe. I feel nervous, scared yet so intrigued and enthusiastic. I still am not even sure if any of those words actually describe how I feel as it feels pretty indescribable, but it is something of the sort! I have only imagined what will come my way, what I will see, hear and think in these foreign environments. But imagining only takes you so far, it just provides me with all the ingredients for a smoothie without the blender.

One of my favourite things to say when people ask why, is why not? You literally only live once so you may as well make the most of it! Life is way too short and whichever way you want to enjoy it, do just that! #yolo

Melbourne is just sprinkle on the chocolate freckle of Australia. But if anyone has seen a good candy buffet, they know there is a massive variety well beyond a chocolate freckle! One of my goals in life is to taste as many as I can! I told you I would refrain the capitals but the exclamation marks are out of my control!!!

I cannot wait to share my journey with you all, my tips and tricks from each city. I would love to explore makeup brands, trends and techniques while I’m away as well as some different yoga studios and superfood cafes! I am trying not to plan too much and just taking each day as it comes (still have all accommodation booked I’m not that spontaneous).  I still don’t know if I’ve over or under packed but hey, I am about to find out.

So long, fare well!

Wish me luck as I frolic amongst mountains and keep an eye out on my socials for daily travel updates!

Much love,

Emdee!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

PS: I remember actually learning how to use PS in primary school, is it still a thing?
PPS: For any makeup booking enquiries I will not be available or responding until I return on the 6th of October. Thanks for your patience & understanding!

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