What will you bring into YOUR New Year?

New Year, new me.
Cliché but almost always true.

Most people don’t stick to their New Year resolutions as we all know. We all have different reasons for doing or not doing our ‘new me’ and have mastered the art of making excuses. At the end of the day only you have the power to achieve your New Year goals. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve this year, how are you are going to do it but most importantly how badly do you want it? Take one little step back again and then ask yourself why do you want to achieve that goal? It could be saving for that special overseas trip (we know I’m always doing that), learning a language or starting a new business. It could even as simple as taking more time out to enjoy the little things, spending more time with family or getting out of your comfort zone.

It all starts with you. Set goals you actually WANT to achieve and that are not only motivating but spark passion within you. Here are a few things to think about when in defining your New Year goals…

Facing your fears

‘Do something that scares you every day’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s play with spiders!! Or snakes? Whichever…
Not quite. Facing your fears doesn’t have to mean finding something dangerous, roaming the streets looking to rebel, or even getting out an ouija board. Don’t be afraid to make that cold call, spark up a conversation with a stranger and put yourself out there. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone judges you? Beat those insecurities that drive your personal fears. Stop caring so much about what others will think, that is a resolution in itself.  No one who genuinely cares about you or that is worth having in your life will judge you. Your New Year fear could even be to remove those toxic people from your life. Giving certain people the flick especially if they have been a longtime friend can be daunting, but I would like to emphasize quality over quantity and I can guarantee that surrounding yourself with positive people will be more than beneficial. Nevertheless if you are keen to play with spiders please be my guest (video footage compulsory).


‘Lack of time is actually lack of priorities’ – Tim Ferriss

Next time you think you have no time to do something, maybe you need to reconsider if it is actually important to you. If it’s not, that’s fine! Don’t be afraid to wipe it off your goals list because it probably shouldn’t be there to begin with. Now that is not me giving you an excuse for an excuse to scrap your resolutions. Setting your New Year goals is about prioritizing, so making sure your list is achievable yet challenging but remember you are the only one stopping you. If you truly are striving to be your best ‘new you’ then excuses will be absolute. If you are feeling lazy or unmotivated, tell a friend your goals and let them hold you accountable! Do the same for them.

Don’t doubt yourself

‘Value who you are not what you do’ – Kate James

Have faith and believe not only in yourself but in others. So many people think our occupation defines us and therefore assumes that is how the world perceives us. People are more understanding than you think, they can see beyond your ‘title’ of receptionist, cop, nurse or cleaner. It is the qualities that help you to either strive or dive in those occupations and in life that people with either love or hate.  Ditching doubt, finding self-confidence and practicing self-love will help in setting and even achieving goals you have always dreamed of.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford

Lastly, don’t measure happiness in kilograms.

Deja vu.
If there was one thing I took out of 2017, it was that physicality does not define you.
I repeat, physicality does not define you.

No doubt most of you reading this have either already chosen your desired kilogram goal, or you’re totally thinking about it!  Which is fine, normal and very common. Take one step back again and question yourself with why? Personally I know I have let myself go leading up to and during the silly season. In 2017 as most would know I ditched my Obsessed finally beat the devil Insecurity and with no regrets I have reached my happier self. Now I will definitely still be joining you all in nourishing my body once again in 2018, as I know by now The Importance of Food’ delivers health benefits far beyond a six pack. I am so excited to get back into my F45 after the break so I can start my mornings with loads of endorphins to boost my mental health and mood while keeping my body and bones strong. Once again emphasizing the ‘why’ behind your goals, I won’t be devouring excess amounts of spinach and lifting heavier to try and please others.
Remember this is YOUR year, do you, for you. Think about what truly makes you happy and don’t aim to hit that kilogram for anyone else.

Never stop shaping your ‘new you’ and continue learning and fueling your brain and body every day, not just the month of Jan. Your New Year goals don’t have to be physical objects or actions. You may not want to jump out of a plane or buy property. It could be to smile more, show appreciation to those around you, or put more effort into your relationships with people.

I’m going to kick start my appreciation by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me throughout 2017. I am so grateful for each and every one of you who read my blogs and even take the time to reach out sending me feedback and sharing your own stories with me, I am truly lucky.

Now off you go, 2018 is already 4 days in, 361 days left to conquer your best year yet!

Good luck and much love,

Emdee xxx

Coming soon:

What it’s really like to do bridal makeup…


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