5 reasons to be grateful that will make you smile more!

Sfortunato, Italian for ‘unlucky’. What makes you unhappy? And why? Lastly, is it in your control? It could be raining on your wedding day, damn it. No blue skies in your photos, end of the world? That’s the risk of getting married in Melbourne any time of year, the most inconsistent forecast in Aus. Maybe … Continue reading 5 reasons to be grateful that will make you smile more!

What it was really like to travel with my mum.

Germany, Austria, Hungary & Switzerland. If not now, when? I said to her... Ever since I can remember, mum has been dreaming of a trip to Austria to run up and down the hills pretending she was Julie Andrews.  Growing up at home with your family is one thing, but travelling together is a whole … Continue reading What it was really like to travel with my mum.

What will you bring into YOUR New Year?

New Year, new me. Cliché but almost always true. Most people don’t stick to their New Year resolutions as we all know. We all have different reasons for doing or not doing our ‘new me’ and have mastered the art of making excuses. At the end of the day only you have the power to … Continue reading What will you bring into YOUR New Year?

Contiki vs Topdeck

The dreaded question we all ask when wanting to book our wanderlust moments. I have now toured with both Contiki & Topdeck twice, all with different experiences. This blog will provide you with some facts as well as personal anecdotes of my own to possibly assist in helping you find a tour company best suited … Continue reading Contiki vs Topdeck

And it begins!

I am currently refraining from using excessive capitals in an attempt to hide my excitement. MAYBE I’LL JUST GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM NOW? That felt great, no promises they may return later. My daydreamer moment. I haven’t even thought about the flight, the stopover or the jetlag. The one thing I have fantasized … Continue reading And it begins!

L’Oreal infallible range reviews

Reviews for the L'Oreal Infallible Primer, Foundations & Setting Spray! Primer: Priming Base - Rating 4/5 The Loreal infallible mattifying primer is clear in colour and smoothes out pores to reduce shine and create a matte finish.  It reminds me of the Smashbox photofinisher primer however thinner in texture making it actually easier to apply.  … Continue reading L’Oreal infallible range reviews