Sweet Potato Mash Recipe

This is my personal favorite & easy spin on a classic potato mash recipe, making the perfect tasty side of carbs to your meal prepping! The addition of avocado & greek yoghurt help contribute to the smooth consistency and flavour without the addition of butter or cream!  The smooth consistency is important especially when meal … Continue reading Sweet Potato Mash Recipe

The importance of food – Part 2 (F45 Challenge)

It has been 10 weeks since my last blog, part 1 of the importance of food series.  My body and mind has been through a roller-coaster over these weeks while continuing to learn about my body and what works for me. *Read part 1 before continuing* Anyone who follows my social media will be aware … Continue reading The importance of food – Part 2 (F45 Challenge)

The importance of food – Part 1

2017 for me is the year of lifestyle.  There are changes I have created in my everyday life, to help me reach my full potential each day.  For the last few years I have struggled with my weight and wellbeing, reflecting on my overall health.  After trying every ‘diet’ on the planet I have finally … Continue reading The importance of food – Part 1